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Jesus Boat Legacy Store Update, 9 November 2017

Even though we have not been posting a lot on our store blog, there have been quite a number of interesting developments taking place.

Firstly we decided to split our operation into two distinct websites.  The site you are reading this post on will continue as the sole online official store for the Jesus Boat Legacy.

We are however operating a second website at This website will serve as an information website and link directly to this store.

If for example you would like to see products that are in development but not yet available for sale then you will be able to find them there. Or if you are looking for more exclusive pictures and text about the Jesus Boat, this also is the site to visit.

For all sales and related matters do please keep visiting us. 

In addition our operation is expanding quite quickly and our products are now available in several offline locations, I will be sharing details and pictures of the most exciting location in the next few days.

Right now the next range of items is being photographed (this took a little longer than expected) and I hope to be able to add them to the store by the end of next week.

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