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Who is behind the Jesus Boat Legacy?

The Jesus Boat Legacy is a partnership  between the brothers Lufen who discovered the Jesus Boat (and who hold the rights to the Wax from the boat) and the team which operates this website and is responsible for creating the unique items and gifts that we offer for sale.

The team consists of a range of people, all experts in their chosen field who are passionate about Christianity, the history of the Holy Land, Archaeology and product design.

Where are you based?

The Jesus Boat Legacy is based near the Sea of Galilee in Israel. This is also where our range of jewellery and custom items are designed, manufactured and shipped from. The museum where the Jesus Boat is displayed is very close by and also sells our range of jewellery.

What is the goal of this website?

Our goal is to share with you our passion and provide you with an unique opportunity to own a tangible part of Biblical history as well as inform you about the history of the Jesus Boat by means of exclusive content provided to us by the brothers, archaeologists and others who have been an integral part of the Jesus Boat project since the boat was first discovered in 1986. We also aim to provide various other items from the Holy Land including Messianic Gifts and Judaica all which will help you establish a Biblical connection.

What is the Connective Element?

The Connective Element is derived from the original substance in which the Jesus Boat was submerged for over 12 years when being restored. During this time pieces of the 12 different types of wood that make up the boat as well as other 2000+ year old material from the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River diffused into the conservation material which was then used the create the wax

This wax was then named the Connective Element as it provides a tangible connection to the Jesus Boat, the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River from the time of Jesus.

Do you have authentication documents for the Connective Element?

Of course we would not expect anyone to buy one of our items unless we could provide definitive proof that they contain the actual wax from the Jesus Boat.

We have created an Authenticity page where you will find several documents that prove that you are buying an authentic piece of Biblical history.

Where are your items made?

All our pendants are handmade by artisans living around the Sea of Galilee establishing a 2000+ year continued connection to Biblical times. 

All items are owned and shipped by

  • Galilean Boat LTD,
  • Registered number: 515424760
  • Ha meyasdim 16 karkur, Israel

How can I pay for my purchase?

We currently accept credit card payments via Stripe, or you can pay using a Paypal account. (You can also open a Paypal account and pay by credit card that way).

Do you ship items worldwide?

We most certainly do, we are able to ship to nearly every country in the world except for most Middle Eastern countries as they do not accept packages sent from Israel.

How are items sent?

We send items via the Israel Post Office.

What are the shipping costs?

Standard shipping is free. All order are shipped with a tracking number.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Generally speaking shipping times per region (with our free standard shipping) are as follows :

  • USA & CANADA – 14 days
  • EUROPE – 7 days
  • ASIA – up to 21 days
  • AUSTRALIA – up to 21 days
  • MIDDLE AMERICA – up to 21 days
  • SOUTH AMERICA – up to 21 days

Can I place a bulk order?

We only make a limited number of each items as the amount of the Connective Element is finite. Generally speaking it is therefore not possible to place bulk orders, however we recommend that you contact us.

I love your products and would like to sell them in my shop/website

We would be happy to hear from you and discuss possibilities, please contact us.

Do you make custom items featuring the Connective Element?

We do have the possibility of making custom items, however as with bulk order please note that the amount of Connective Element is limited. Please contact us for discussing any custom item that you have in mind.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes we do, simply click here to visit our affiliate program website.

Are there any real world locations where I can buy your range of Jesus Boat jewellery?

Yes there are. We started out by making our items available in the Jesus Boat Museum where the Sea of Galilee Boat is on display. Not surprisingly our pendants have quickly become best sellers and we are expanding to new locations. Our Store Locator page lists all locations where you can find out items for sale.

I have a question that is not answered on this page

Please contact us.